Saturday, August 28, 2010

We need more surveillance

The state fair wasn't the only locale in Iowa that had a spate of violence last weekend. Keokuk had a shooting outside of a bar that resulted in 5 injured citizens.

One of the commentors, "Michelle", decided that the best we can do to stop future shootings is to have METAL DETECTORS. I imagine she shouted this while wetting herself in a fetal position, wishing the police-state was fully enforced.

OK, then.

I want to live in a free society where I don't have to prove myself worthy to walk the streets or go to a place of business of my choosing.

But another interesting bit in this article was towards the end. Local police chief is concerned about the state's revamped CCW laws heading our way Jan 1, 2011:
In light of a more liberal gun carrying law that goes into effect in January, [Keokuk Police Chief Tom] Crew said, "We need to discuss events and how we're going to handle them. We may need to do more walk-throughs. These events really pack them in and we need to check how many are there when an event like this is being conducted in order to keep a handle on these events."
Does he mean that more citizens would be carrying and able to defend himself, or is he lumping the criminal actions of the shooter with all permit holders? Hard to tell from the article but from comments from most of the sheriffs in the state, he's probably not happy with the new CCW laws.

Seeing how it's been a week and no arrests, maybe he should worry about enforcing existing laws against assault or attempted murder.

Before January 1st.

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