Sunday, August 29, 2010

Headlines from around the state, 8/29/10

Here's a few of the best and brightest from around the state:

Man accused of rape fires himself as his own attorney
Jack Leonard Hays virulently held onto his right to act as his own defense attorney in court while facing sex assault and burglary charges — until the final hours before his trial.

Hays abruptly fired himself as his own counsel during a court appearance Friday after months of attempting to mount his own defense with only a paralegal certificate earned online and work in a prison law library as his legal experience.
OOo an online degree.

Attorney denies accusation of sex with client in courthouse
Bowles said Thursday he did have sex with his client, but the commission members erred when they implied that his client was performing oral sex on him in the Black Hawk County Courthouse’s law library when someone walked in and interrupted them.

Bowles said that at his recent disciplinary hearing, commission members asked him whether he and his client engaged in oral sex in the courthouse library.

“I asked them to define oral sex for me and they refused,” he said. “So I denied it.”
The Clinton defense works everytime.

Johnson County supervisor candidate withdraws Not much of a headline, right. Read the article to find:
Only Democrats have served on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors since 1962, so [Independent candidate] Dooley was a long shot at best.
That's the Socialist Republic of Johnson County, friends.

And there's one in every crowd: Guns found in crowd's wake

How come I can never find a discarded gun, just waiting for a new owner?

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