Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another camera up in the Surveillance State, Cedar Rapids

Newest I-380 speed camera goes live at midnight

That means it's been running since this morning.

From this comment that proves human nature is what it is:
I drove 380 northbound today. Everyone was doing about 8 to 10 over. At the first speedcams, everyone slowed down. About a 1/4 mile later back to 8 to 10 over. At the second speedcams, everyone slowed down again. Then once past the cams, back to 8 to 10 over. On the southbound lanes, everyone was doing 8 to 10 over all the way through CR. So where are all these slow cars the police have been talking about?
So with another camera up, a driver could get 3 tickets in less than 10 minutes and not know about it for weeks.

Remember, it's all about safety, safety, safety.


Bawb said...

Maybe they mean safety of the city's budget and the politicians' phoney baloney jobs?

strandediniowa said...

Oh no. Citizens always come first in Cedar Rapids.

(I will avoid lightning as much as possible for a while)