Monday, August 30, 2010

Debates? We don't need them in Iowa

Iowa Congressional Rep., Steve King puts the smack-down while refusing to agree to a debate with Democrat Matt Campbell.

Campbell, who said King has ignored repeated requests for a debate, walked in midway through the hourlong meeting and stood about 10 feet from King’s podium. King finished answering the prior question about conducting an audit of the Federal Reserve System, then addressed Campbell, without naming him at any point in the exchange.

“There aren’t going to be any ambushes or interruptions,” King said from the podium at Western Iowa Tech Community College before allowing Campbell to ask his question.

After Campbell pressed King to agree to a debate, the Republican from Kiron, Iowa, replied: “…My answer to that is that judging by the way you have conducted yourself you have not earned it.”
"Not earned it?" Okay, then.

Where's the Gazette been in regards to Rep Loebsack running away from challenger Miller-Meeks and refusing to debate?

Don't care for any of them, but I only point this out as a typical example of media hypocrisy.

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