Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Straw buyer sentenced in Milwaukee

Sentenced to a year plus one day for selling guns to drug dealers and other "prohibited" persons.
"You sell the gun and you don't know nothing about the person you sell it to, and you don't want to know nothing," [Derrick] Marshall, the son of a retired Milwaukee police officer, told agents when he was arrested. "That's why I was always telling the people, 'Now don't go out and do anything crazy with this thing.' Then after, I'd be praying that nothing ever happened."

The case provides a window to the practice of straw buying in the Milwaukee area - in which a person such as Marshall who has a clean record buys a gun for a felon or someone else who is prohibited from having it.

Man gets year and a day for buying firearms and selling them on street
Could a light sentence be because of his "Only One" connection or from sympathy from the judge.
Documents indicate that in 2009 federal agents noticed a pattern of guns bought by Marshall that had been recovered in criminal investigations.

Marshall said he was only guilty of having a poor memory and not knowing the law.

"I am really not a criminal," he told Clevert.
You are a criminal. And now you're a convicted one.

And the Journal Sentinel threw out the Badger Guns connection. I'm betting there were other places this guy bought his guns from, otherwise they would have printed that all of his guns were purchased at Badgers.

Publicly they won't admit it, but Milwaukee police know that Badgers try to do the right thing (in November of 09, the store owners assisted in apprehending a felon trying to purchase a firearm at their store: Badger Guns 11/12/09) The police used this scenario in a sting operation:
He [the informant] told Golke that he had tried to buy a gun at Badger Guns but was turned down because he's a convicted felon, and that he needed guns for himself and "his guys" that were untraceable so they could "use and throw."

Two charged in illegal gun sales - One accused of selling to felon, other with bending 'gun show loophole'
The Journal Sentinel is glad to put Badgers in as bad of a light as they can, going so far as to suggest a conspiracy behind the gun store's "secret" ownership. Badger Guns conspiracy

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