Thursday, April 1, 2010

And these guys are in Congress

Congressman Phil Hare from Illinois doesn't care or "worry" whats in the Constitution. And then gets confused about the wording of the document compared to the Declaration.

Found at Top of the Chain


straightarrow said...

We need a HELL of a lot more people with the guts to call a liar a liar. It is about time they don't get to skate on the courtesy they don't deserve.

We really do need to be less "civilized" in dealing with thugs, no matter how many idiots voted for them last time.

Bawb said...

Other Dimocrat congresscritters ask to see the flag the astronauts planted on MARS and others worry about Guam tipping over, not to mention Barry O's 1001 gaffes during the campaign, yet all the press can find in the way of idiot politicians is to continue beating on Dan Quayle decades later for misspelling potato.

strandediniowa said...

The putz could not stand being stood up to. I do like the comment that the congressman should be looking for a new job.

Bawb, I saw the clip of the congressidiot worried that Guam would capsize and the reaction from the admiral was much nicer and diplomatic than what I would have returned.

No incumbents. Vote them all out