Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sioux City hyperbole abounds

I wondered why I heard church bells. I thought it was Holy Week. Stupid me. Gun Rights Groups Rejoice, Local Sheriffs Cringe with no mention of the NRA, they give a nod to IowaCarry (how about that?)

Be afraid, blood on the streets. We know things.
"It takes that discretion away because we know we have information but there's no criminal charge or conviction filed yet," said Buena Vista County Sheriff Gary Launderville. "That puts a lot of people in jeopardy."
Not quite true there. The law states that if a sheriff believes that the applicant may be a danger to himself or others, then he can deny it. Actually a sheriff can deny it for any reason, but there has to be a defensible reason.
Launderville says his department rarely denies permits, but if they do, it's for good reason.
Because the "only ones" are the only ones who should carry in his eyes. Why? Because with a nod to "Death Wish" this sheriff doesn't trust the citizens:
For this sheriff, so many people carrying concealed weapons opens up the possibility for vigilantism.

"Law enforcement is here for a reason, that's what we're for, that's why we're specially trained in firearms," said Launderville. "The general public doesn't have to go through the training law enforcement does."
Until this bonehead or one of his Barney Fifes plan on following each and every citizen in his county, then he's a little out of line. But they are sooooo much better than the common riff-raff.

A firearm is there for a reason, to shoot some SOB who is intent on causing me or mine harm. An LEO can't be there at your side 24/7.

But as for the "general public", according to sheriff Launderville, you are SOL.

And that's why the laws, they are a-changin'.

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