Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doors, Grace and Pride

Borepatch gives us some thoughts: Doors
This season speaks to renewal, to a fresh start, to forgiveness - of others, but perhaps the hardest of all: of yourself. For some people, there's a door blocking their way.

Open it.
With a link to his Easter thoughts from last year: Grace
I am Jacob Marley.

We all are. We forge our own psychological chains. Each time we let down those who love us, each act of Foolish Pride, another link gets forged. The longer we live, the longer the chain becomes. Our nature is perfectly imperfect: Out of the crooked timber that is man, no straight thing straight was ever made.
Pride prevents us from opening the Doors or from accepting someones' Grace.

Pride reminds me of my successes in life, (the few that they are), the tasks I've accomplished, the baubles that I've accumulated, the success of a child. Pride tells me how good I am.

Pride also reminds me of my failures, the "what could have beens" if I had just completed something better. Pride tells me I could have been a better person than what I am.

Pride tells me I don't need to open that Door, but it also tells me I'm not worthy of Grace. To me, Pride is schizophrenic - it is the result of one's actions but at the same time it prevents someone to act.

Grace cannot be taken or earned, it can only be received when offered. To accept Grace, Pride must be conquered to allow ourselves to come forward in Faith and Humility for that one more chance to receive what was offered. Whether Earthly Grace from a loved one or a stranger, or His Amazing Grace, it is there for the receiving.

I, too, am Jacob Marley.

If this Pride could be vanquished, that would be an interesting day.


Borepatch said...

Thank you. I hadn't explored the pride angle, but you're absolutely right.

Not for nothing did the Church Fathers of old make pride one of - perhaps the premier - deadly sin.

And the bit about pride whispering in your ear that "you could have done better" really hit home.

strandediniowa said...

I'm known for obsessing with self-reflection. One of many things I have to work on.