Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sex, intrigue and murder - small town Iowa

In a domestic abuse case that must frustrate attorney general Tom Miller (no guns were involved) a young woman was found guilty today of beating her boyfriend's mother's live-in boyfriend. Sound complicated? There's more:
The prosecution claimed the three planned a murder conspiracy where they would lure [Curtis] Bailey into a menage a trois with [Jessica] Dayton and [Denise] Frei and then get him drunk so they could kill him. [Along with Jacob Hilgendorf]

Dayton found guilty of first-degree murder
I've seen pictures of all three and that's disturbing on so many levels. But I shouldn't judge.

The only reason this event is brought up is that Iowa has a new law on the books that would have taken away the gun rights of Bailey. Bailey had been accused of domestic abuse. Not that he had anything to defend himself with anyway.

But our AG Miller had been trotting out cases where a domestic abuse victim was shot by their partner in an effort to justify passage of that law, saying "lives would be saved..."

Bailey was beaten to death.

Long way to get to my point is that a murderer will find a method to commit their crime, whether by firearm, poison or a baseball bat. The intent to kill will find a way.

Tom Miller can now use this case to outlaw bats, lead pipes and fists. But he can rest in satisfaction that no firearms were used in the commission of this crime.

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