Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wisconsin gun bill, and a bonus

Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill making it a felony for a person to purchase a firearm for a felon, AKA a straw purchase. Assembly OKs bill making straw purchasing of guns a felony
Straw buying is a felony under federal law but a misdemeanor under state law. The bill would make the crime a felony under state law as well. That means that, if convicted, straw buyers could no longer legally buy guns for themselves or others.
Making something already illegal even more illegal - makes sense to me.

With a swipe at Badger Guns
Police and prosecutors in Milwaukee for more than a decade have called for a crackdown on straw buyers. In particular, Milwaukee authorities also have wanted more scrutiny on the West Milwaukee store Badger Guns and its predecessor, Badger Outdoors.
Next up is a bill to prevent the release of 911 tapes. While I can see the point that releasing tapes of a frantic call for help could traumatize a victim's family, releasing tapes like this could be a good thing:
The bill covers tapes of all 911 calls, including those made by witnesses. In recent years, news outlets have broadcast tapes of drivers who called in to report erratic driving by lawmakers who were drinking before they got behind the wheel.
I guess they have something to hide.

And for the self-defense minded:
Self-defense: The Assembly passed, 68-29, a bill that would provide added legal protection to people who use deadly force against burglars. Under the bill, residents would be entitled to added protection in criminal and civil cases if they were at home when the criminal broke in.

The person using deadly force wouldn't be entitled to the protection if they were using their home for a criminal activity or if they used the force against an identified police officer. The bill goes to the Senate.
No word on concealed carry (which was on the table at one point during the straw-buyers bill), but it's not over yet.

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Bawb said...

Does this mean that when mayors of big cities send their hacks to neighboring states to make fraudulent purchases for media attention, they will be prosecuted too?