Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lies and hyperbole promote fear

The Daily Iowan (the University of Iowa student newspaper) distorts the as-of-yet unsigned concealed carry bill SF2739
If signed, the bill would also allow Iowa gun owners to openly carry their weapons, carry long guns, and extend the length of time between license renewals. Gun law stirs controversy
This bill does not redefine the methods of carrying in Iowa and open-carry is not allowed except on your own property, place of business or during hunting or target practice at an approved range. See Iowa code 724.4. The bill doesn't change that.

Johnson County sheriff Lonny Pulrabek adds
“People are not going to come in to our office on year two or three of their permit and say to us that we need to take their permit away because they were charged with domestic abuse,” he said.
The new domestic abuse law states that if someone is charged, the sheriff is authorized to go get the weapons, not wait until they are delivered. If the accused is a permit holder, the sheriff, would probably grab the permit, too. It would be stupid on his part to not to. I

Is the sheriff so stupid that he doesn't know who is charged? Doesn't he check those charged against his permit holders? The Iowa City Press Citizen or the Cedar Rapids Gazette probably would, hell they get the list of permit holders regularly.

Would the good sheriff wait for drug dealers and rapists to turn themselves in as well?

How many permit holders in the state have ever been charged with domestic abuse? I don't know, but put that number against "only-ones" who've been charged and I bet it would be less.

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