Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Amendment Rally, and a bonus

I could not attend, so I'll let others speak like Robert The March for the Second Amendment and Ben Second Amendment Rally In Des Moines. (I had a delightful time at work because we were short-staffed and then an emergency that took me away from everything)

I had a chance to speak with Dave Funk on Saturday and sent his campaign coordinator Meghan a copy of David Codrea's Gun Rights Questionnaire

The reply:
Below are Dave's answers to your questions. You might be interested to know that he spoke at the 2nd Amendment rally today at the capitol. In doing so, he read through your [this is David's list not mine and I gave him full credit when I sent it to her - ed] list of questions and answered them aloud the crowd gathered at the capitol steps.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your support and for your vote in the June 8th primary.

1. Do you believe that the Constitution is the "supreme law of the land" and that the Bill of Rights acknowledges our birthrights? Yes and yes.

2. If so, should these rights be proactively protected from infringement by all levels of government, including city, county and state? Yes, that is the primary role of government.

3. Please give some examples of gun laws you consider constitutional. I am still looking, the only one that might be close would be the ban on convicted felons from possessing firearms.

4. Please give some examples of gun laws you consider unconstitutional. Starting with the National Firearms Act of 1934, nearly all of them are.

5. Does the right to bear arms include the right for any peaceable citizen to carry them concealed without a permit, as in Vermont? Yes!

6. Do you believe that Americans have a right to own, use and carry weapons of military pattern, and will you use the prestige of elected office to publicly promote that right? Yes.

7. Do you support or oppose registration of weapons? Oppose. Why? First step to confiscation.

8. Do you support or oppose licensing requirements to own or carry firearms? I oppose licensing requirements.

Why? It's a God given inalienable right codified in our constitution, we do not need a license to exercise our rights.

9. What specific gun laws will you work to get repealed? I would start with the Brady Bill and work from there.

10. If elected, will you back your words of support for firearms rights up with consistent actions? How?

From my web site issues page:
Second Amendment

The framers of our Constitution knew that the government should never have a monopoly on force, that’s why they articulated our God given right to self defense and ensured the right to keep and bear arms was written in our Bill of Rights. Let’s not forget, George Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them.

Further information can be found here:
The editorial board of Between Two Rivers isn't in an endorsing mood, but with answers like these, we are going to consider Mr Funk. These questions have been given to other candidates (Boswell excluded - yet) and this is my first response.

Thanks to David Codrea at The War on Guns and Gun Rights Examiner for producing these questions so we can hold politician's feet to the fire. I hope he doesn't mind me posting here before I sent the answers to him but he's been a little busy.


straightarrow said...

as a non-editorial board member, I endorse him. However, liberty scares the bejesus out of most voters because it comes with responsibilities, you know those pesky things we have tried to forget existed.

strandediniowa said...

I met the Mr Funk and looked him in the eye when shaking his hand. There was one issue that bothered me, but I understand where he was coming from.

Limited government, sound money, strict Constitutionalist. I like him, but I want to reserve final judgment until the other guys reply to me.

And I won't give them much more time.