Sunday, April 11, 2010

Knob Creek portrayed as racist by a racist

If by definition, someone who is obsessed with race is a racist.

Knob Creek, Kentucky. The Mecca of machine guns and pyrotechnics where people can enjoy shooting stuff. I would make the pilgrimage if I could afford the time away from work, afford the cost of getting there and afford the cost of participating.

But not if there's racists there (put on shocked face).

Kurt Hofmann finds a New Zealand reporter who's obsession with race is revealed before exposing his true motives.
But this is a select crowd. During the entire weekend I see five blacks, two Asians and a Mexican.
Kurt responds
You know what? You'll not likely find a lot of the models from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hanging around with me, but that doesn't mean they aren't welcome to. By the same token, the low representation of non-white races at Knob Creek is obviously not a reliable indicator of racism on the part of the attendees--but mentioning that would clearly not fit Mr. Franklin's narrative. Knob Creek, Kentucky machine gun shoot portrayed as racist, radical 'hate group' muster
Just because I wasn't there the organizers must be discriminatory against short, balding, IT guys from Iowa, too.

But that illogic doesn't fit the narrative the jackass reporter wanted to promote as his true colors came out by dropping a few names along the way.

Read the rest: Knob Creek, Kentucky machine gun shoot portrayed as racist, radical 'hate group' muster


straightarrow said...

As you know most New Zealanders have Brits genes. Automatic defectives.

strandediniowa said...

Hey, I'm part Limey.

And Frog
And Kraut
A little Scotch, Irish, Spanish and Nordic thrown in.

And a smidge of native American, too

No wonder I can't get along with others, I can't even get along with myself. I've been defective all my life, SA.

straightarrow said...

German, Cherokee, Chickasaw ancestry here. All of me want to kill my enemies, some of me wants to torture them first.:)

strandediniowa said...

Choctaw on my mother's side.

With all the ethnic variety I carry in my genes, I'm an American first.