Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inanimate object "went off" shooting mover

James Brauers was accidentally moving his neighbor's belongings when an unidentified black powder rifle discharged, striking the man in the leg. Reports indicate the man and the rifle could possibly had been in the same location in close proximity of each other, but not definitively. The rifle, described only as a 45 caliber black powder rifle, suddenly "went off" discharging into Brauers leg.

Reports did not indicate whether local police officers took the wayward rifle into custody for questioning after their investigation. Police Lt. Frank Newberry did not report if it was customary to introduce anger management therapy for rifles that would go "off". "No comment," could have been his reply - or not.

The neighbor, whom Mr Brauers was helping, was also not identified, but quite possibly may have been overheard telling another neighbor that, "Brauers got himself shot before we got to the heavy stuff. Now who's going to help move my fridge?"

"Reverend" Al Sharpton was thought to have repeatedly contacted the local newspaper demanding a retraction of the "racist reporting" of the "black" powder rifle. "The color of one's powder is no indication of violence and there is no place in this world for racist reporting," he didn't say.

The Brady Center of Irrelevancy immediately issued a statement demanding the re-instatement of an "assault weapon" ban and that all firearms in Des Moines County be turned in in exchange for a $20 Target gift card and a box of Sixlets.

Local teamsters spokesman, Josh Windbag, also issued a statement demanding a permit requirement for all movers of neighbor's belongings. "Moving a neighbor's firearms should be performed by qualified professionals or DEA agents. Please, if someone is accidentally shot in the leg, it should be someone with an excellent healthplan and a team of lawyers to sue the sh*t out of the owner."

A spokesman for the Darwin Awards reportedly said, "Darn, that was close."

Sorry - my attempt at comedy about people I don't know or ever will. The man received treatment at the local hospital and I wish him a speedy recovery. A good neighbor helps another out and gets kicked in the arse for his trouble.

Poor reporting by the Hawkeye regarding a rifle that "went off": 27-year-old accidentally shoots self

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