Thursday, April 15, 2010

Butterfinger robbery

The clumsy half of the Abbott and Costello team robbed a Burlington bank yesterday.
A downtown Burlington bank was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday morning and police are looking for the suspect, who dropped several bundles of money inside the bank and outside in a nearby alley as he fled the scene. Fleeing robber drops cash
A helpful customer walks into the middle of the bank robbery:
A customer, who requested not to be identified, said he walked inside the bank just as the robbery was taking place.

He said he suspected something was wrong when he did not see anyone working the front counter. He looked around and saw the tellers near the safe.

"I walked in the middle of it," the customer said. "(The suspect) ran right past me and dropped money all over the place. There probably was about four to five bundles he dropped on the floor."

The customer said he saw something in the suspect's hands but could not make anything out of it.

Shortly after the robber ran out, the customer went outside and called 911. It was while on the phone, he said, that a passing motorist saw the commotion and went after the suspect.
Contrast this person with John Rumley.
One man recognized a potential threat and reacted. John wasn't carrying a weapon to defend himself that day, but his quick actions prevented some bum from getting in and robbing the bank. I'm glad it turned out the way it did.
Kudos to the passing motorist for attempting to follow the guy. The unnamed customer probably did the safe thing and stayed out of the guy's way. Although he could have gotten away with sticking a foot out to trip the guy. It doesn't sound like the robber was too well coordinated.

No one was hurt in the ordeal and that's something to be thankful for.

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