Wednesday, September 30, 2009

But I thought they got them from gun shows

Going a little out of my territory (Iowa), I found this little nugget from Tennessee: Former Nashville police officer indicted in gun smuggling case
According to an indictment made public Tuesday, the men conspired to buy semiautomatic pistols, revolvers and ammunition from Middle Tennessee gun dealers and ship them to Guatemala, where they were distributed to members of two South American drug cartels.

In all, agents said, they managed to get 18 guns into the hands of the Lorenzana and Mendoza drug cartels. Authorities confiscated five other guns that allegedly were bound for Guatemala, and five additional sales were in process when the bust occurred.
Good work getting these guys indicted. But they blew it when the attorney said this:
"It's a big find," U.S. Attorney Ed Yarbrough said.
18 guns = a big find? Actually they only caught 5 guns going out and 5 more ready to go. Sorry, I don't see the "big find". But kudos for nabbing the bad guys and stopping them

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