Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hi Dollar Sportman's Auction 9/26&27 Recap

Jerry Wohler ran another successful sportsman's auction this weekend. Hi Dollar Auction 9/26

The auction was dominated with recreational guns for plinking and hunting. There were a few collectible guns there but not as much as he's had in the past and only one "assault" rifle. The crowd was lighter than his last sale but they were in a buying mood when it came to the firearms. If you were selling, this was a good place to consign your guns. He had his usual collectible ammunition but there were some bargains on the shootable ammo.

What caught my attention on Saturday was someone had consigned their reloading setup. A Lee turret press, dies and accessories. I bought it at a fair (to me) cost.

I avoided taken the plunge into reloading for quite a few years, but now it makes sense. From a cost standpoint but also as a skill set, this seems like something I need to do.

The staff at Hi Dollar Auctions are friendly and professional and Jerry and Ron worked hard to get the best prices for those who consigned.

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