Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Police put more demands on Badger Guns

Local police put the strong-arm to Badger Guns in West Milwaukee. I posted earlier about their initial investigation of the gun store Badger Guns investigation But what we have now is borderline harassment. Mayor, chief demand more ID checks at Badger Guns
Milwaukee leaders raised the heat Tuesday on Badger Guns, demanding the owner immediately make changes to stem the flow of crime guns coming from the store.

Mayor Tom Barrett called on Badger immediately to begin scanning the identification of everyone coming into the store, like some bars do, and to look up anyone who wants to shoot on the range to make sure he isn't a felon.

Police Chief Edward Flynn suggested that anyone who comes into the store to buy a gun or shoot on the range sign a sworn affidavit saying he is not a criminal or committing a crime. Then store managers should allow police to inspect it, he said.
Hey, Chief Flynn, here's a news flash: Anyone buying from an FFL already has to fill out some kind of "affidavit" and sign it, swearing under penalty of jail, that they are not excluded from gun ownership. Genius, he's not.

So the owner is supposed to identify, track, and then turn over that info to any cop who demands it? It might be a good business practice to make sure honest and trustworthy people are using your range. In other words, know who you are doing business with. But demanding businesses to track customers and turn the owners into quasi-cops? Needing a warrant, maybe?

But the root of this gun shop is this: if Badger Guns is actually doing something illegal as an FFL holder, don't you think the ATF would be all over this place. I seem to recall Red's Trading Post getting more scrutiny for being accused of much less.

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