Saturday, September 5, 2009

Iowa Attorney General: "We are immune, get over it"

Several reports across the state that the Iowa Attorney General wishes to have a lawsuit dismissed from a truck driver from South Dakota against the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The story reports:
David Howard, 71, of Sioux Falls, filed the suit in August claiming he was assaulted by DOT officer Darrell Wiegand during a traffic stop four years ago. Wiegand is the same officer a Fort Madison couple allege to have harassed and menaced them during a traffic stop earlier this year.

The AG's argument: "In addition, a state employee, like officer Wiegand, is similarly immune from such claims."

The Burlington Hawkeye has more on this story here and here.

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Anonymous said...

"Iowa official on leave after alleged strip search"

Atlantic, Ia. — An administrator at Atlantic High School has been placed on leave pending an investigation into the alleged strip-search of five female students.