Monday, September 21, 2009

Fake arrests promotes tourism

Who in Kalona and Washington county thought this was a good idea? "Arresting" out-of-state drivers in the name of tourism.

The sheriff and local chamber idiot decide it's fun to pull over someone on their way to the hospital and then follow a driver for 15 miles before letting them in on the joke. Iowa town makes arrests for tourism
Last week the town's Chamber of Commerce and Washington County sheriff pulled over people with out-of-state license plates and offered them an all-expense paid visit -- including free meals and a night's lodging just as if they were really being arrested -- to the town of 2,300, about 20 miles southwest of Iowa City.

Armed with binoculars and flashing red lights, the pair began looking for an unsuspecting passer-by.
Tee Hee, what fun. I wonder if they threw in a strip-search for added realism.
The Cunninghams were also given T-shirts promoting the town.

"And on the back it says, Ask me about Kalona, Iowa," Moeller said.

Ask me about Kalona: Where idiots waste tax money for one big happy laugh... that isn't funny.

Washington county can't get a bridge fixed on a major highway for almost 3 years and counting, but they have time for this crap.

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