Monday, September 7, 2009

If you speak to your Congressman, does he hear?

The Des Moines Reigister reports that Town forums left Iowans in Congress unswayed.

So the townhall forums and Boswell's conference calls were nothing but show. Reports from all over the state indicated that the people were against this healthcare reform/takeover. The Socialist Republic of Johnson County being the exception.

Boswell even went backwards saying he was more in favor of the bill.

Well Lenny, when you stop meeting with the citizens of your district, I guess you miss the opportunity to listen to them.

And this from our senator from Jamaca*: “I’m an old Humphrey person. If you can’t get a whole loaf, get a half a loaf and go back and see if you can’t get a few more slices later on, when people see how it works. If we have to go the (partisan) route, that’s better than sticking with what we’ve got, even if we don’t get it all.” — Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Cumming

Harkin's political strategy is incrementalism. This from the guy who stated he wished he could put all the guns of Americans onto a boat, take it to the middle of the ocean and sink it.

Remember Iowans: One slice at a time.

*It's reported that Harkin does not own a home in Iowa. Just like a 30yr old bum still living at home, for years he listed his parent's house.

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