Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Escort service called from Story County Sheriff's office

An employee of the Story County Sheriff's office (could be a deputy - who knows) used a county-owned cell phone to call an escort service. Story County Supervisor is not happy.
Nevada, Ia. — The Story County Sheriff’s Office should fire an employee who called an escort service with a county-issued cell phone, Supervisor James Strohman said today.

Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald disagreed, accusing Strohman of overstepping his authority as a supervisor without having all of the facts. The employee in this case is a civilian and has already been disciplined following a thorough investigation that found no criminal wrongdoing, Fitzgerald said.
Here's a fact: he used a county-owned phone for personal use (immoral as it may be). A phone that was probably issued so that his employer can contact him in emergencies. No other facts needed.

No identification of the individual (naturally).
Fitzgerald said: “In our office, we don’t assume people should just be fired. What we do is a complete and thorough investigation. ... We use reasonable judgment.”
So, misappropriation of county resources for personal gain and he gets away with it... Maybe the guy should run for Congress.

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