Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The War on Guns: Bills Don't Allow, People Do

The War on Guns: Bills Don't Allow, People Do
David Codrea links to a World Net Daily article about what Taxechusetts would do in the event of a H1N1 pandemic.

A very similar bill passed in Iowa in 2003 that gave the governor dictatorial powers for 30 days. Among those: a call for mandatory evacuations and confiscation and rationing of anything if the state needs/wants it (Section 3). Or how about forced vaccinations: paragraph 6 of section 5.

Oh, and Section 3 paragraph 5: "5. The state shall pay just compensation to the owner of any product lawfully taken or appropriated by the department for the department’s temporary or permanent use in accordance with this section. The amount of compensation shall be limited to the costs incurred by the owner to procure the item."

How generous!

I contacted my state senator prior to the vote about the bill, but he voted for it anyway. He replied that "we have to do something." (He didn't win re-election) Legislators who were absent were allowed to come in after the bill passed to change their vote to yea.

I don't always understand this state.

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