Sunday, September 27, 2009

On the Left Coast (CA) - Fed court hears appeals

Federal appeals court listened to arguments Thursday 9/24 regarding whether Alameda county can restrict guns on property it owns. Court considers county's right to regulate guns In 1999, the county outlawed all firearms on its property.
(09-24) 14:43 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- A divided federal appeals court wrestled Thursday with potentially the most important gun case in its history, a dispute over a firearms ban at the Alameda County Fairgrounds that has expanded into a constitutional battle over state and local authority to regulate gun possession.
But it seems not all the judges agree with each other. Some agree with "gun rights advocates" while Judge Susan Graber thinks the Constitution doesn't matter.
And one judge [Graber] suggested the court should uphold the ordinance as a valid public safety measure without deciding the constitutional issue.
In other words: The Constitution be damned!

In 2005, the Iowa Legislature attempted to pass a ban on gun shows at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. It failed in committee.


straightarrow said...

If you're talking about Nordyke in the Ninth Circuit, I believe they have opted to wait until a similar case is decided by the USSC, providing, of course, cert is granted.

strandediniowa said...

I believe you're right SA.

I saw in the article that another judge has the attitude that the Constitution doesn't matter.

For small minds, safety trumps liberty.