Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting lectured by a Limey*

A sanctimonious swipe at America's "gun culture" by some weak kneed Brit with a case of PSH. The cost of America's gun addiction

Tossing out statistics and links to NY Times the author just has to lecture us.
However, for those of us who do not believe this trade-off is acceptable, then how dare we be shocked, shocked every time this happens? We need to stop being shocked every time someone gets shot to death in a "safe" community and start acting unsurprised and outraged instead.
Comments by Zak Smith point out the obvious but is oblivious in his remark
Although I would very much prefer to have the right to own firearms, you can't help but notice that the ban on handguns in the UK is effective. Knives remain the weapon of choice for criminals and even "bad-ass" criminals resort to carrying reactivated replica pistols of dubious worth, which a US gangsta wouldn't dream of carrying.
The disconnect being the "effective" gun ban translating into criminals carrying other weapons. He doesn't seem to realize what he wrote. I guess Zak didn't hear of this event about the shotgun toting rapists: The War on Guns: Meanwhile, Across the Pond in Sarah Brady Paradise...

*Before anyone goes all wiggy about using "limey," I came from the British Island with a little Scotch-Irish thrown in, along with several other nationalities like the "frogs" and "krauts". So I'll use them any time I wish.

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