Monday, April 26, 2010

Governor Chester to sign SF2379

It's being reported that Governor Chester with sign SF2379 on Thursday.

Culver plans to sign several policy bills

As a side note, Obama is coming to Iowa and Chester plans on running around the state with him and to sign a bill in Sioux City instead of Des Moines. Thank you Governor Debt Culver for wasting taxpayers' money this week. I really appreciate this as I sign my check for taxes I owe to state (due date is 4/30).


Anonymous said...

Ever get the feeling that some of the Iowa blogs actually get read in Des Moines?

strandediniowa said...

I once had governor candidate Chris Rants stop by after I called him a few names on here and he left some very good comments. We had a few emails exchanged from my home account but I won't say we're friends.

During my updates on state bills, a few visitors from the statehouse stopped by.

I know that State29 is generally disliked in Des Moines. He quit when he moved to Kansas a couple of years ago and then started back up blogging earlier this year. That guy can dish the snark.

They read us, they may not pay attention to us, though.