Saturday, April 24, 2010

I've got a big but...

As in "I support the 2nd Amendment, but..."

We've all read the opinion writers and politicians say this phrase. Even the NRA does that to some extent, and as soon as the but is displayed, I tend to not listen to agree with much of anything they say.

From the Muscatine Journal:
I've heard suggestions that more Muscatine residents should buy guns and get permits to carry concealed weapons. That concerns me even though I believe in the Second Amendment.

But keeping guns in your home and defending it and your family if someone breaks in is one thing. Carrying a concealed weapon and responding to gang violence with vigilantism would only lead to more violence. Editor's Notebook: Ganging up
The old "violence begats violence" argument. Whatever happened to "strength through superior firepower"? An elderly lady in Des Moines proved that theory a few days ago.

This guy's helpful suggestions instead of having a means of protecting oneself:
Becoming more like Father Edward Flanagan, the founder of Boys Town, and less like Dirty Harry Callahan, the cop played in the movies by Clint Eastwood
Ha Ha, Dirty Harry. He could have called us knuckle-draggers and throw out the compensating for our inadequacies, but didn't.

Getting to know our neighbors and looking out for each other. I know my next-door neighbor would call the cops and scare off anyone he saw who looked suspicious in our neighborhood. I'd do the same for him.
I'm glad I don't have him for a neighbor because mine will come running to help instead of cowering behind the curtains peeing their pants. And the Stranded household has already done the same. We look out for each other.

By finishing up with a weird locker room old buddy scene, I think this guy has some serious issues.


Jeffersonian said...

I was going to quote Cooper, but you have him right there in the sidebar already.

straightarrow said...

His big but is showing. It is that mass on his shoulders.

Bawb said...

Every single time in every city and every state where concealed carry comes up, the same chorus of "Oh my God! Dodge City! Blood will run in the streets!" is predicted. And each and every time it is proven wrong, with crime in fact going down. But it doesn't stop them from using the same stupid argument the next time, over and over again.

Kinda reminds me of Bart Simpson the time he kept trying to grab the cupcake that was hooked up to electrodes over and over again.

Z-Zap! Ow! Z-Zap! Ow! Z-Zap! Ow!

strandediniowa said...

This guy probably hasn't had to rely on his own wit or skill to survive, so he abdicated his self-reliance to an authority.

Those of us who've grown up beyond the need for a mommy, daddy or a master, can barely speak the same language with people like that.

I find it ironic that this piece comes out just days after the elderly woman in Des Moines defends herself instead of waiting for the cops to show up. Who knows the outcome for sure, but it probably would not have been good for her.

Ben said...

"But keeping guns in your home and defending it and your family if someone breaks in is one thing. Carrying a concealed weapon [is another]."

So, by this guy's logic, the lives of you and your family are worth defending IN your home but are expendable outside your home? Hmmm... That's a thinker!