Sunday, October 18, 2009

Open carry rally in Wisconsin 10/17/09

Our Wisconsin neighbor is one of only two states that do not allow concealed carry permits. but citizens can openly carry. Iowa only allows open carry while on your own property or business. Residents of Hudson, Wisconsin, a community across the river from St. Paul, Minnesota, held a rally in support of their right to bear arms. Tea Party With Guns Held in Hudson
Hundreds of armed people filled a Hudson park Saturday afternoon as part of an anti-tax and pro-second amendment rally.

"It's our right to carry guns and I think everyone needs to know," said a gun rally supporter.

Openly carrying a firearm is legal in Wisconsin, in fact the only legal way to have a firearm there is to openly display it, but it is rare to see so many people doing so at once.

Not everyone near the tea party was keen on the idea of so many people carrying guns. "I thought not in my backyard. I didn't like the idea and i [sic] still don't like the idea," said Greg Leaf, a gun rally opposer.
Despite Mr Leaf's misguided opinion, hundreds of armed people rallied together and no one was shot, no one "sprayed" the area with bullets. Something's wrong here. Isn't that what the Brady's tell us happens when a bunch of "bitter clingers" get together in one place.

And no one was shot? Hmmm.

Robb Allen posts his opinion of open carry Open carry is fine, so long as you don't do it where people can see you (The title does not fit his true opinion) and a followup posting Who needs the Bradys on how sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Good comments there on how Virginia changed their state.

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