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Badger Guns update 10/19/09

Badger Guns again under scrutiny and accusations from Milwaukee Police hear less from Badger Guns (Previous posts here: BTR - Badger Guns Posts)
Under fire from the Milwaukee Police Department for selling guns used in crimes, the owner of Badger Guns boasted last week he has a close working relationship with his local police department in West Milwaukee.

On Friday, Allan [Badger Guns owner] maintained he has good relations with his local police department but explained the drop in calls by saying he sometimes calls federal agents. Federal authorities said they could not comment on whether - or how often - they hear from Badger.
Not in dispute is that firearms purchased from Badger Guns seem to be getting into the criminal pipeline. Firearms used against Milwaukee police officers.
In the past two years, Badger Guns sold 62% of crime guns recovered and traced by Milwaukee police, according to federal data. One of those guns was used to shoot two Milwaukee officers in the head in June. In the past two years, six Milwaukee officers have been wounded with guns from Allan's store or its predecessor.
When looking at a percentage, one must know the N=number of guns. What is N? If it is low, then percentages will be high and prejudice the reader.

Also the complaint against Badger's is that the calls in to West Milwaukee police is down, which signifies that the owner isn't cooperating. The owner's response is reasonable:
Allan also speculated his calls to police are down because he is keeping away criminals and those who would buy for them by no longer selling cheaper guns.
So maybe he is doing a better job of self-policing. Speculation on either side here and not enough evidence for a good judgement.

And another thought is the proximity of the store in relation to the criminals. According to google maps: Milwaukee gun shops Badger Guns is the closest store to Milwaukee proper.
Allan said he is open to making other changes but as one of one [sic] a few stores in Milwaukee County selling handguns, he maintained he will always be targeted by criminals and straw buyers.

Donovan said he doesn't buy that. He notes that the Shooters Shop, a few miles from Badger, doesn't have nearly as many crime-gun traces.
So if Badger Guns closes, no one thinks the straw-purchasers wouldn't be "badgering"(sorry) Shooters Shop in West Allis?

Straw-purchasing is a crime by the buyer, not the seller. There is not one FFL holder who has had his/her license for very long who has not sold to a straw purchaser. Why do I say that? Because people lie. Even Sarah Brady was a straw-purchaser. Sara Brady-Straw-purchaser

Not known in all of these statistics is whether the firearms were purchased by people who fully intended to use them for their own protection, enjoyment, etc., not necessarily by a straw-purchaser, and they were stolen by criminals. In those cases would the gun store be at fault?

We don't know enough facts. As I've said all along that if Badger Guns is involved in illegal activity, it will be found out and the consequences should be paid. But being tried by the press, Milwaukee officials, or in the editorial pages, is not the avenue that our country should take. Let the ATF, as incompetent and corrupt as they are, do the investigating.

Update: Last week the owner and Milwaukee officials sat down at a hearing Concealed-carry pitched as part of gun law reform with much more back and forth accusations and blame.

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