Saturday, October 10, 2009

News to me: Police can't go on private property

Spike posted yesterday that Burlington police department claim they have no authority to enter private property (a casino) to investigate an assault. Catfish Bend Daylight Mugging - Burlington Police Shirk Duty & Selectively Investigate On Private Property

A 70 year-old woman was mugged at 2:30 in the afternoon in the casino.
The police were called, but said they could do nothing since the casino is privately owned, so the state is looking into it.
Today it's reported that an arrest was made by the DCI Arrest made in attempted robbery at casino
The agent found the elderly female, identified in court papers as Mary Hobbs, lying on the floor near Yong's Restaurant. She reportedly told authorities a man tried to steal her purse and in the process threw her to the ground.

The suspect, later identified as Mathias, was not able to take the Hobbs' purse, but managed to flee the area.
These Iowa retirees are made of good stock. Mary kept her purse and (although battered and bruised) fought him off. Good for her. Mathias apparently needs to hit the gym.

Two things:
One - Burlington police can't get off their backsides to investigate an assault because of "territory" issues with the DCI.
Two - DCI has agents stationed in all of the casinos in Iowa (similar to air marshalls). The agent's presence did not prevent a crime from taking place. It doesn't say where the guy was at the time of the "alledged" assault, but they can't be everywhere. That's reality.

We wish Mary well on her road to recovery.

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