Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Badger Guns 10/6/09 update

I've mentioned the targeting of Badger Guns before. Police put more demands on Badger Guns and my first post here: Badger Guns target of investigation

But now it appears that a gun purchased at Badger Guns in West Milwaukee was used in the shooting of a Milwaukee police officer. Gun in shooting of officer traced to Badger Guns.

As I've said before, if the owners are knowingly selling guns to felons or to straw purchasers, then they should nail them. But the ATF isn't involved and that makes me suspicious that they've committed any crimes.
Police launched an undercover operation two days after a pair of officers were shot in the head on Milwaukee's south side in June. The on-going operation has revealed indications of straw buying at Badger and felons freely going into the store, some to practice shooting.
"Indications" is not evidence. Evidence is needed for a conviction.

Later on in this article, we read:
In May, Jacob Collins was in Badger with Julius Burton, an 18-year-old who was too young to buy a handgun at a store, according to federal court documents.

"That's the one I want," Burton told Collins, pointing to a .40-caliber Taurus handgun, records show.

Collins was allowed to change his answer. Collins got the gun and sold it to Burton for $40.
Something smells here.

A dumb kid buys a gun at a loss to a buddy? Who can buy a functioning handgun for $40 (or less, if he tried to make a profit)? If Badger Guns is selling good, functional handguns for 40 bucks, then I'm making a trip. Collins risks a federal felony charge and loses money on the deal? Something doesn't add up.

For a Wisconsin viewpoint visit BadgerBlogger

Prosecute the bastards who shot the officers, that's where they should concentrate. I wish the officers make a speedy and full recovery.

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