Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family demands dog training for deputies

Lee county deputy approaches a home in September, yelled into the home drawing the attention of a sleeping dog. Dog awakens and rushes towards the deputy barking as dogs instinctively do. Deputy shoots the dog in the front leg and the owners had to amputate the leg of the dog. Residents say officer dog training needed

Owners are obviously upset that the Barney Fife shoots into their home striking their pet. Sheriff claims the deputy was in danger.
[Deputy]Wray's superiors, including Sheriff Buck Jones and Chief Deputy Jim Sholl, have reviewed the incident and concluded he acted appropriately.

"I think it's unfortunate that it happened ... but I'm not going to tell my deputies to take the chance on being bitten only to decide if the dog is friendly or not," Sholl said during an interview Tuesday.

"He (Wray) was there on a lawful purpose, walked into an open door and announced himself, and then here comes the dog, obviously aggressive. I think he reacted the only way he could. I would expect my deputy to do that rather than be bitten."
"Obviously aggressive" because the deputy shouldn't have entered the home in the first place.

So under Lee county rules they may enter a home that has a door open and it is "appropriate"? They don't have to knock on the door and wait? Maybe the cow wandered in through the open door and deputy Friendly was going to round him up.

If there was no evidence that a cow entered the home the cowboy deputy had no business entering. Period. That act of stupidity brought the dog to the home's defense. But the county will make it right with the family? Right?
The sheriff's office has declined to pay for veterinary care for the dog, which amounted to about $2,500.

"The deputy defended himself. I don't see that we have a financial obligation there," Sholl said.
Why argue with that logic?


straightarrow said...

Another badge heavy cowardly sonofabitch of a home invader with a boss who is just a plain sonofabitch.

strandediniowa said...

Straightarrow, I've got stories about Lee county and the county attorney Mike Short. Probably shouldn't publish them, though.

Lee, Louisa and Des Moines counties - some very interesting stories, and all true.

straightarrow said...

I know, I used to live in Iowa.