Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Police harassment alleged in Des Moines

We have this out of Des Moines: Couple claims police officers harassed them, family members if true, would be another black eye on the police force there.
A couple who claim they were assaulted by Des Moines police during a 2007 traffic stop alleged today that officers harassed them and family members while their legal dispute proceeded through the courts.
The couple was aquitted of charges, but the harassment allegedly continued for themselves and their family, even into the past summer.
The first incident involved Evans’ mother and father before the couple was acquitted, according to the lawsuit. Officer Mersed Dautovic, one of the policemen from the 2007 traffic stop, allegedly spotted the parents at a gas station.

Dautovic recognized the parents and pointed their car out to an “Officer John Doe One,” the lawsuit alleges. The unknown officer then allegedly backed their police car in front of the parents to block them, while Dautovic laughed.
To paraphrase Whoopi Goldberg that's not "harassment-harassment" but still, if true, leave them alone.
Evans and Bonds claim they were assaulted by the two rookie officers during a 2007 traffic stop. Dautovic and Mailander resigned in June after facing termination.
Something smells - why were the officers facing termination? This makes me wonder what kind of cops were they? And what other law enforcement job do they have in this or any other state? Hopefully, none.

Update - WHO Des Moines has a few more details Erin Evans and Octavius Bonds lawsuit
Three more defendants have been added to a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming Des Moines police officers harassed, intimidated and threatened Erin Evans and Octavius Bonds.

Bond was left with bruises on his back after officers Mersed Dautovic and John Mailander allegedly beat him and Evans during a traffic stop. The couple was acquitted earlier this year on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Officers Dautovic and Mailander later resigned after an internal police review found their actions to be excessive.

A motion filed Wednesday claims three unidentified officers threatened and harassed Bonds, Evans and Evans' parents in an attempt to stifle litigation.
So a couple get beat by the officers (allegedly) and they are charged with "assault and disorderly conduct"? Unbe-friggen-leavible


straightarrow said...

Unfortunately, that is SOP in every police department in the U.S.

In order to justify the beatings frequently dealt out by cops for no cause other than they can, charges must be filed against the citizen. Usually "resisting arrest" or "assault on a police officer".

That is why even when being unjustifiably beaten by a cop or cops, most people do not even try to defend themselves because they fear 20 years in prison for the crime of self-preservation.

I have no such philosophy. I look at it somewhat differently. My attitude is if they are going to hurt me for no reason, I'm not going to let them. Since I know that I will most likely go to prison for self defense, I might as well go for something serious enough that they don't get to enjoy the fact of it simply because they will get to witness it.

straightarrow said...

simply because they will NOT get to witness it.

Left an important word out, now it reads correctly.

strandediniowa said...

SA, the more I read about Des Moines cops, the more I'm agreeing with you.

Within the past couple of days we have cops losing their firearm and complaining about slow reponse times from EMTs.

They are becoming a classic "only one" operation.