Saturday, October 10, 2009

Des Moines police: DM medics are slow

Des Moines police officer was run over Sunday 10/4/09 and some officers are complaining of a slow response from the fire department's medics. Des Moines firefighters didn’t know officer was down in runover case

It took less than 4 minutes from dispatch to arrival at the scene (try to get that in rural Iowa). Three minutes later, he's on his way to a hospital.

That's pretty good.
From the case files of the Des Moines Fire Department:

Some Des Moines police officers are wondering whether Des Moines Fire Department medics were slow in getting to the aid of a cop who was run over by a pickup truck on Sunday.

“Our initial dispatch was on an assault,” said Capt. Steve Brown, fire department spokesman. “We didn’t know a police officer was involved until we were practically on scene.”
So Des Moines police demand faster response times to accidents for themselves than the public? Is that what it's saying?

The officer is reportedly recovering well. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Those officers complaining? They can pound sand.

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