Thursday, October 15, 2009

Iowa Appleseed update

From the Socialist Republic of Johnson county we have a member of the Writer's Group (certainly not known for conservative values) breaking down stereotypes by attending an Appleseed event. Do something patriotic: Own, know how to use a rifle
People fear what they don't understand, especially dangerous things for which the benefits outweigh the dangers. We need widespread ownership of firearms, just like we need fire, or financial investments -- or democracy for that matter -- they are necessary to better our lives, but they all require some experience and skill to wield safely.

Not having grown up using firearms, I too have been uncomfortable with them, even though my husband is a longtime gun enthusiast and I understand their importance.

I had only fired a rifle a few times before I attended Appleseed, but I soon found myself improving.

I was far from a master marksman by the end of the one day I could attend, but I did learn rifle safety and the basics of shooting accurately from standing, seated and prone positions.
Kudos to Ms Cody for attending and coming away with a positive experience.

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