Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Responses to an Appleseed attendee

A couple of people get their skirts in a twist regarding a previous article about a woman attending an Appleseed event here in Iowa Iowa Appleseed Update

Beth Cody's detractors include Roger Gingrich who thinks warm fuzzy thoughts will bring peace and harmony to the earth. Cody mistaken in thoughts on guns
Even a brief look at the news tells us about how truly ineffective conflict resolution is when killing those on the other side of the disagreement is the preferred mode of operation.
I guess killing all of those Nazis didn't solve a thing 60+ years ago. I wondering if Roger's preferred method comes from the Neville Chamberlain, Peace in our Time, school of conflict resolution. Maybe he could ask Poland about that.

And then Elizabeth Shriver decides the highest form of patriotism is gun control. Gun control laws are patriotic After rehashing the discredited Kellerman study, she displays her genius:
The more people own guns, the more likely guns are to be used.
So the opposite must also be true: If I don't own a gun, I wouldn't use a gun. In other words I can't use a gun, if I don't own one. So,if you own one, you are likely to use it. Mainly because you have one.

If Cody wants to do something genuinely patriotic and helpful to her country, she should support gun control legislation.
Maybe she should spend more time reading what the founders wrote instead of Brady propaganda.


straightarrow said...

Many women believe that they are sitting on their fortunes, and for some it is true. However, these women are also sitting on their brains.

straightarrow said...

oh, and I did purposely include Roger in that gender category.