Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IowaCarry rally 10/3/09

IowaCarry held a rally in Estherville (Northwest Iowa) on 10/3/09 IowaCarry.org holds rally in Estherville
IowaCarry.org, founded to establish Iowa laws addressing permits to carry concealed weapons, wants to change the state law that county sheriff's "may issue" concealed weapon permits to "shall issue."

Iowa, said Reed, is "still stuck in basically what was Jim Crow laws." He said 1978 legislation left to the local sheriff's discretion the policy for issuing concealed weapon permits.
We are stuck in this situation.

I spoke with an IowaCarry "recruiter" at a gun show a month ago recently and asked questions regarding the upcoming legislative session. He responded with "I'm not involved with the legislation, I'm here to sign people up."

We also have Iowa Guns Owners.

Two groups fighting for "sensible" (as in less government control) gun laws in Des Moines.

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