Monday, October 5, 2009

Porpane tanks targeted

Someone has been targeting liquid propane tanks at hog confinements in Calhoun and Sac counties here in Iowa. Mystery shooter taking aim at liquid propane tanks on Iowa hog farms
A reward of up to $8,000 is offered for the arrest and conviction of the still unidentified shooter.

The incidents occurred on hog farms in Calhoun and Sac counties. Officials said in a press release, "The LP tanks have been located near or adjacent to modern, indoor hog barns. Other LP tanks, including those near grain storage facilities, have not been targeted."
Most of the tanks that were hit by bullets were pierced, officials said. In one case there was a ricochet which entered an employee room. No one was injured.
Now I'm sure it wouldn't be any environmental group involved in this. But maybe ALF has broadened out from releasing mink from farms in Iowa. Two Weeks After ALF Attack, Thousands of Mink Dead or Dying. Or it could be local vandals - who knows.

I wish the local sheriff's luck in catching the ones responsible.

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