Thursday, October 1, 2009

Iowa Gun Owners gun show update

Iowa Gun Owners had the opportunity to run a booth at a gun show in Des Moines during the weekend of Sept 25, 26, and 27. Iowa Gun Owners has Successful Gun Show in Des Moines
Iowa - -( goal was to spread the message of Iowa Gun Owners to like minded 2nd Amendment supporters in Iowa as well as obtain petitions to the Iowa State Senate urging the Senate to vote on the REAL Right-to-Carry bill.

(After receiving a tie vote in the House last session of 49-49, our next goal is to obtain a vote in the State Senate so we can inform you, our members, where your State Senator stands on the 2nd Amendment.)
I didn't get a chance to be there last weekend.
The overwhelming message we took away from Des Moines is that the people of Iowa are sick and tired of a permit system that requires law abiding citizens to beg permission from the government to be able to defend their families.

The excitement at the No Compromise philosophy of IGO’s REAL Right-to-Carry bill was contagious. We had doctors, line workers, pastors, laborers, farmers, and even some law enforcement officers (yes, in full uniform) sign our petition and join our organization.
I would've liked to talk with Aaron.

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