Monday, October 26, 2009

Badger Guns - a Milwaukee policeman's opinion

Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer posts officer "Goodwill's" opinion on Badger Guns. Badger Guns - a Milwaukee policeman's opinion
Badger Guns does a good business. They do tend to attract scum, due to their location. They are the closest gun store to the city of Milwaukee. Actually, as I understand it, the store itself is located in West Milwaukee, while the parking lot is in Milwaukee. So they are right on the border of the city. The store has a poor location. The Shooter Shop - the next closest gun shop - requires buyers to venture further into strange territory. Badger Guns is easy to access and is on the bus route - a bonus.
Is this officer contradicting his chief by saying that Badger's location draws in the criminal crowd? (Previous posts here: BTR - Badger Guns Posts)
It is my estimate that at least 60% of the guns recovered during violent crimes can be traced back to Badger.
I thought this came from FBI crime traces and not his opinion.
All these felons (my friend calls them "idiots") feel it is their right to own a gun. Felons do not have a right to a gun.
That's a whole can of worms there, but I'm guessing he doesn't appreciate the fact that criminals and all citizens still have rights that are enumerated by the Constitution. Because in his world rights would turn into privileges.
Badger should make an ID card for entrance. They need to be more inquisitive. Ask questions. Make buyers prove that they are legit.
"Make buyers prove that they are legit." Maybe he uses the same cue cards as former Sen. Edwards.
Membership cards are an excellent way to make a gun store more legit. If a shooter can afford hundreds of dollars for a gun and ammo, he/she can afford a membership card for a few dollars.
My membership card was a birth certificate from a hospital in Southeast Iowa.

His view on concealed-carry:
My caveat to this is that the people who wish to conceal carry be qualified - like police officers. Carrying a concealed weapon can lead to great bodily harm. Better to CYA by having people pass appropriate tests, from psychological to qualification tests.

If you chose to carry, you should be ready to submit to the appropriate tests.
So, more of his true colors show through. David Codrea posts more and more of War on Guns' "Only Ones" every day and I think this guy belongs on the list. Especially with his "Respect my Authoritah" attitude:
Show me respect and realize that you did wrong, I will let you go, short of some violent crime which you need to be locked up for.
"Show me respect..."

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