Thursday, October 8, 2009

Des Moines' Keystone cops at it again

The Des Moines police department has another embarrassing moment Burglar takes Des Moines police officer's uniforms, gun
A burglar stole two uniforms from a Des Moines police officer's west-side home on Wednesday, and fired the officer's Glock handgun in the home before stealing it as well.

No one was at the home of officer Chris Latchman at the time of the incident. Latchman's home is located near Woodlawn School in Des Moines.
Aren't these guys aware of safe storage practices? Especially when you're not at home. And near a school, too.

I'm surprised they allowed his name to be released.

More questions: Will Bloomberg investigate this new avenue of guns getting into the hands of criminals? Will the Brady's call for a renewed assault weapon ban? Will Pelosi push to close the "police home invasion" loophole?

Let's hope they catch this guy before the gun is used to hurt someone.

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