Saturday, October 3, 2009

New addition to what I read

Hope n' Change has been added to the list of blogs I go to read.

A perfect blend of wit and snark with a big side helping of talent. A cartoon a day and links to back up what has been created. Like: Why Is Your Ass Ticking?
To defeat inspections and metal detectors, an Al Qaeda terrorist recently smuggled a bomb to its target in his rectum...then had another terrorist detonate it with a cellphone call. Obviously, if Homeland Security decides to start checking all passengers for butt bombs, the airlines had better plan to give away plenty of complimentary drinks before boarding.

The only good news is that the terrorist failed to kill his intended victim, and succeeded only in blowing his own bowels into harmless but exceedingly repulsive bits of shrapnel. On the plus side, after forensic experts had measured the width of the crime scene, the dead terrorist was recognized posthumously as "biggest asshole" (at 33 meters) by the Guinness Book of World Records.
That's sad.

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