Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween costume advice

It's that time of year with the obligatory advice to parents and warnings of Halloween. This time it comes from University of Iowa journalism professor Gigi Durham. Professors say some kids' costumes too sexy, violent

I agree with Gigi's assessment that it's not a good idea to dress up your kids as miniature prostitutes, but then a philosophy professor, Harry Brod of the University of Northern Iowa, chimes in with his broad advice.
"Males are supposed to be powerful. ... At Halloween, power takes a violent suit. It is not represented by the business suit," Brod said.

Boy's costumes seem to encourage violence and gore, he said. Superhero costumes are among the most popular, and they often are accessorized with weapons, like guns or swords, he said.
Oh no, not toy guns and swords!
What's the harm?

These costumes speed up gender identities and encourage what might not be acceptable gender roles, he said. In addition to men's violence against women and children, the primary victims of violence are other men, Brod said.
So, dressing up as the Hulk or Spiderman promotes violence against women, children and men? Walking the neighborhood with a sack of candy while wearing a cowboy hat, will encourage the boy to run home and smack his sister? On the other hand, wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a briefcase promotes harmony with the universe. But that's probably too close to gender stereotyping, so they shouldn't do that.

A sad world we live in.

*** We at the BTR household do not celebrate the pagan holiday. You may do as you choose.

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