Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's the big deal about Branstad?

I don't think much of Terry Branstad, former governor of Iowa who's threatening to enter the governor's race, if for no other reason than the delusion that he and the Republican establishment think he can "save the GOP in Iowa". Well good luck with that. Unknowns slowing Iowa campaigns describes the governor and senate races for next year.

Republicans and independents that I've spoken to think Branstad should stay out. We at the editorial board of BTR thinks that if he wins the nomination, it would be an absolute snooze-fest.

On one side we have a tax and borrow current governor and on the other side we have a tax and borrow former governor. What a choice!

Others battling for the GOP are:
Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats; Cedar Rapids businessman Christian Fong; state Reps. Christopher Rants of Sioux City and Rod Roberts of Carroll; and state Sens. Jerry Behn of Boone and Paul McKinley of Chariton.
There are a couple of solid candidates and at least four of these guys would beat governor Chester. So why the retread? Maybe a last gasp of power from Des Moines Republicans, perhaps?

Mentioning the senate race: who's the surprise candidate the Democrats are going to pull out of their hat? Editorial board of BTR is thinking the perennial carpetbagger Hillary Clinton will be their choice. I say that because whoever they put up there is going to be a lefty-liberal who will attempt to scare grandma that the Republicans are going to steal their Social Security checks. And whoever they put up will give the impression of a moderate and then slime their way left. That's the game plan that works.

Grassley should have been tossed out years ago, but like old uncle Frank, we dust him off each Thanksgiving and forgive him his sins. And then by Christmas he votes for rainforest money for one of his buddies or tells corporate execs to go kill themselves. We're so proud of him.

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