Saturday, October 24, 2009

Badger Guns update 10/24/09

A 55-year old woman was convicted for "straw-buying" from Badger Guns Badger Guns case brings probation The headline is misleading. The woman purchased a handgun from Badger Guns and then provided it to a convicted felon. The very definition of a "straw-purchase".
Badger Guns sold a .38-caliber revolver to a 55-year-old woman, despite warning signs that she was buying the gun for her felon boyfriend, according to court records.

Sherrill Worthy went to Badger in November 2008 to buy a gun for James Funches, a convicted drug dealer who was wanted on a weapons charge in Arkansas, records show. The clerk at Badger stood behind the counter and asked Worthy which gun she wanted, she said.
The scenario of a man assisting a woman in the purchase of a firearm is a warning sign that it is a straw-purchase? I would guess that would encompass over 50% of legitimate gun purchasing in my household. I've assisted my wife in handgun purchases that we made for her. Should I be expecting someone from the ATF to call on us?

Is Badger's complicit in this illegal purchase?
Johnson said the U.S. attorney's office has prosecuted gun dealers who knowingly sell guns to felons through straw buyers, but that can be a tough case to make. He said the circumstances don't support such charges in this case.

"We would have to prove the seller knew she wasn't the buyer," Johnson said. "We have no way to prove what they knew."
Sounds to me like they assisted with the US Attorney's office. (Previous posts here: BTR - Badger Guns Posts)

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