Friday, October 23, 2009

The next in a long line of abuses

Kurt Hofmann at the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner gives us a preview of what's on the horizon: Is California AB 962 a precursor to 'ammunition accountability' laws?
"Straw purchasers" of ammunition, though, will be much more difficult to prosecute--unless (we will inevitably be told, when criminal gun use is inevitably unaffected by AB 962) ammunition is also required to have serial numbers, with those numbers stored in a database.
And even mayor Bloomberg proved anyone and his dog's uncle can be a straw-purchaser.

I live in a state that requires ID to buy cold medicine and stores keep a registry that law enforcement can view at any time. Officials can then notice that you've purchased too much and come knocking. If the same principle is applied to ammunition purchases, law enforcement will come breaking in the door at 3:00am with tear gas and flash-bangs.

Kurt explains it very well:
A military concept that has some applicability here is "softening the battlefield"--shelling or bombing the enemy heavily before sending in the ground troops, in order to (hopefully) destroy much of the opposition, and make the ground campaign that much easier. That, I submit, is what AB 962 is all about--"softening the battlefield" for the "ground offensive," i.e., "ammunition accountability," which will be the next "one more law," that will make AB 962 really work, and as a bonus, some of the required infrastructure for "ammunition accountability" will already have been put in place by AB 962, so "for God's sake, pass this lifesaving, commonsense law, for the children."
The end result of the gun-control crowd has been zero guns in America, law enforcement and military excepted, of course.


Tangalor said...

Epic Fail.

If the crowd truly seeks this, let them have it. They'll soon realize how ludicrous it all is, but not before the bodies pile up because gangs and cops have effectively taken over...

I'm sure they'll get their way, one way or another.

straightarrow said...

one thing they should consider, if they manage to surprise me and take mine, surprise works two ways, or more.

I don't need a gun to get another one. All I need is to know who has them. Oh gee! Do we know of any group who always has guns?

strandediniowa said...

As David Codrea proves almost daily, "only-ones" will always act like "only-ones".

With living in a nanny-state (I include the feds, too), the mere lowly citizens are too stupid and untrustworthy enough to have dangerous weapons.

We keeping getting stretched and I wonder how long before the band breaks?