Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Criminal masterminds using Sharpies

Two suspects try to enter into an occupied house. They cover their heads with hooded sweatshirts and attempt to cover their faces so that no one would recognize themselves. Too much in a hurry to go to the store and purchase masks or pantyhose, they used a different tool. Sharpies!
Black-faced suspects quickly apprehended
Moments later, Carroll [Iowa] police officers pulled over a car matching the suspects' vehicle a couple blocks away and found the two occupants with faces blackened by a permanent marker.
Okay, maybe not the brand name of Sharpie but probably some cheap Chinese knock-off, because the markers don't look like they did the job. They probably should have splurged the extra $1.99.

Not only failing on Disguises 101, but using your grandmother's 1994 Buick Roadmaster as a getaway car? That's just sad.

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