Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Again, with Badger Guns

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes another editorial blaming Badger Guns for all the evil related to firearms in Wisconsin. At least that's how it sounds. There's a loophole that needs plugging. Felons shouldn't be able to shoot at a gun range. Who can be in favor of felons becoming better marksmen? (Ha Ha - Who can be in favor of slanted editorials?)

Back in October I posted Badger Guns update: store helps police
WEST MILWAUKEE - West Milwaukee Police confirm they arrested a suspect wanted on warrants after getting help from a controversial gun store.

Authorities had notified the store that the suspect, Carlos Flores, might come in.

Flores did come in and the store called police. West Milwaukee Police arrested Flores.
But the Journal Sentinel wasn't the one to report that, it was a local radio station. No, they would rather pile it on with one-sided editorials and slanted reporting.

By singling out Badger's, they lose credibility with me. That store isn't the only one that rents firearms, and as has been reported, they've had at least one assist getting a felon.

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