Friday, May 21, 2010

A warrant issued without shots fired

In Clay county, law enforcement officers executed a search warrant. The news? They didn't shoot the dog.

With repeated reports of LEOs killing pets when entering the yard of a home owner, this time they did the right thing. Law enforcement representatives waiting to serve a search warrant requested the homeowner remove a dog from the premises before they enter.

In a mistaken shots fired scenario (they were BB guns), it would seem that over-zealous officers could have taken matters a bit further, but didn't. A couple of idiots being stupid and firing BB guns were reported and the dirt-bags were arrested for various other charges.
Foote was picked up on two outstanding warrants of dog running at large, including one which involved a female citizen getting bitten on the arm and leg.

Clopton was charged with simple assault, drug paraphernalia, and shooting a projectile over public roads.

BB guns the source of shot's fire call

The investigation is ongoing and more charges are pending.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office was assisted by the Spencer Police Department, Iowa State Patrol, Iowa Division of Narcotics, Iowa Division of Investigation, Iowa Great Lakes Drug Task Force, Dickens Fire and Rescue, Clay County Conservation and the Clay County Attorney's Office.
By this report, it seems like half the state was called out for these guys.


Anonymous said...

Dangerous place Iowa is!!!
Need to ban those BB guns!!
Might take an eye out!
Sounds like scum got caught, but that's a lot of firepower they brought in!

strandediniowa said...

As Karl commented on his Rifleman site, it's rare that the LEOs don't fire on pets.

From the article, the original call was that they had guns and were firing them. So showing up with superior firepower is SOP.

But how many agencies had to get involved? Maybe they were all at the sheriff's office?

That did seem a little overzealous.