Monday, May 17, 2010

Sex, lies and incompetence

Last week it was Van Meter police chief fired, this week it was Fort Madison's turn:
Thursday saw day two of an expected three-day hearing on [William] Bowker's appeal of his termination. He is claiming it was not because he slept on the job, or he used the Internet to browse singles' sites. The former officer insists the firing was because he had an affair with Niggemeyer's estranged wife, Christine.
That would be Fort Madison's Police Chief Bruce Niggemeyer's wife. Officer Bowker apparently could only fool the chief as other members of the Lee County Narcotics Task Force control board voted to terminate Bowker. Of course it wasn't the poor officer's incompetence, laziness and stupidity (cruising the internet at work).

No, it was retaliation.

Read the sordid affair at: F.M. police chief testifies about affair

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